Tuesday, February 14, 2012

mom's quilt

front of mom's quilt
this one i made for my mom; actually, i began both my MIL's quilt and my mom's quilt at the same time, but finished MIL's first because they were coming for christmas (i will post pictures of my other gifts at a later time).  
i made tags for both quilts by printing them on my regular ink jet printer, an idea that i found here:  http://limelady.livejournal.com/106122.html via pinterest (oh, how i love pinterest!!).
i am by far no expert and would never claim to be.  but, i have to say i am pretty pleased with the way this quilting turned out.  the find of a lifetime (imo, anyway) is this tracing paper that guides the quilting process, you can find it here:   http://columbiariverquilting.com/golden_threads_quilting_paper.html 
anyway, on my MIL's quilt, i cut out shapes on my cricut then traced them on the paper; in this instance, i traced the back of the quilt and used that as the pattern for the quilt on the front.  i would be happy to provide greater detail to anyone interested.
back of the quilt

Sunday, February 12, 2012

quilt for claudia (MIL)

hooked.  that is how i would describe my relationship with quilting upon completion of lucille's onesie quilt.  then it hit me:  for christmas, i would make ALL of my presents!  yes, what a great idea!  (mind you, it was the beginning of november and my little is a very busy 2yo).
not the best photograph, but here's the gist

lapsize quilt (approx. 1/2 the size of a twin)

so i stopped by my local quilt shop and found two great kits for a beginner like myself; the fabric for the squares was precut leaving just the border, back, and binding for the maker to destroy, err, cut ;)

Friday, February 10, 2012

lucille's onesie quilt

view from above
 my super crafty neighbor and friend in florida made a fabulous quilt from her son's onesis and small clothes.  what a wonderful idea and so i had to make one for lucille.
quilted with yarn in alternating corners

mind you, thus far, my limited sewing experience included only square, simple items (i.e. curtains, duvet, pillow shams). that did not dissuade me in the least, as many of you mom's know, it is hard to part with those sentimental first clothes.

my one and only helped out a lot on this quilt and the result made us smile  lucy's quilt is a twin size to fit her bed, though, i probably will put it away after a year to ensure minimal wear and tear.  check robin's onesie quilt out at her blog:  heartmadebyhand.blogspot.com


lucille showing off her quilt

Thursday, February 9, 2012

lucy's abc's

i love the idea of nursery letters and have made a few sets for friends.  and, lo and behold before i had the chance to make any for my little lu, my aunt had made her a set.  so i thought it would be fun to do the whole alphabet to hang on her wall and this is how they turned out.

daisy's sweet and salty scrub

a few christmas's ago, i decided i would make my friends and fam some bath goodies that would be great to look at as well.  and so it was born:  daisy's sweet and salty scrub.  made from 100% natural ingredients, this scrub leaves the bod exfoliated and moisturized.

tamara's crafty little blog

after encouragement from some good gal pals and a few family members, i've decided to dedicate a blog to the crafty things i've made via design or alteration.  i plan on including paper crafts, quilting, upcycled furniture, and a little modge podge; hence the title of my blog:  craftucopia.