Sunday, March 25, 2012

lucille's reading quilt

a quick shot of the front of the quilt
my MIL purchased this fabric and pattern for me after i finished lucy's onesie quilt; she had more faith in my ability to create a quilt from a pattern than i did at that juncture.  after procrastinating and practicing and throwing up my arms in (fleeting) defeat, i decided to undertake the challenge:  construct a quilt from scratch.  (well almost scratch as i didn't sow the cotton, weave, nor dye the fabric. you get my point.  oh, and nor did i select the fabric, it was combined in a kit.)
in any case, here it is!  lucy's reading quilt!  dr. suess is her favorite author and this cozy quilt will keep her comfy and content while she peruses her library.
close up of lucy's hand
as with my mom's quilt and my MIL's quilt, i quilted it myself.  i won't lie, it wasn't easy this time.  i drew a pattern using her hand and some swirls on the golden threads tracing paper (i wrote about it in one of my other quilt posts) and sewed it on following my lines.
at a later time i will add more content to demonstrate my method (as a novice quilter i am apprehensive, but maybe someone will find it helpful??).