Sunday, May 20, 2012

happy sweet sixteen, my lovely niece!

it's a hoot!  by moda

my niece holds a very special place in my heart, i think of her as my first born.  my boog is turning 16 in a week and what better gift than a quilt made by auntie, don'tchathink?

i picked up a jelly roll of 'it's a hoot' by moda and could not put it down!  i was drawn to the variety of patterns in the collection as well as the modern, vibrant colors.  

the quilt is quilted, at random intervals with lines corresponding to the direction of the blocks.  i wanted a modern look that would mimic the geometric patterns of the fabric and produce a non-fussy look.  

a closer look
i found myself short of my backing fabric (opps, still a newbie)!  luckily, i had a bunch of the boarder fabric (back and front) left over so i made a square with a 'slapplique' (i.e. imperscise applique with ragged edges, i actually don't know the name of this technique) and a few boarders to make up for the short. as it turns out, i love it!  and my next jelly roll quilt will incorporate this look on the front (if i can figure out my measurements, that is).

my little tree and a few birds.