Monday, September 24, 2012

lucy's i spy birthday party

i like off the beaten path ideas for my little girl's parties and am resistant to buying all the commercial what-not for any party. here is a little peek inside what a party for my gal looks like.  enjoy.

i spy invites

party favors

i spy bottles as party favors

i spy notebook

i spy notebooks for party favors

find these items in the flowers

hidden items in the flowers for an i spy game

table complete with food and favors

scrappy pages

i scrapbook, too.  for my own little gal, i decided to make a page for every week documenting her first year of life.  fast forward to age 3; i am still working on year one.  as it turns out, only one page a week for the first year turned into approximately 2 pages per week or more.  i just couldn't help myself.  here is a small sampling of those pages (picture quality is not the best, so i apologize).  

christmas gifts for friends and family

so i love pinterest.  no, i LOVE pinterest.  so while browsing around sometime around november or late october last year, i decided that i would make all of my christmas presents!  below you will see the gifts i mailed out to my loved ones.  i will attempt to locate the links for the said projects so you can find and make these for yourself.  cheers!
bracelets!  try this link 

no link for this one.  but easy with mod podge.  

my own 'secret recipe'

some of my favorite people.  find out how, here:

cards, cards, cards!

handmade cards speak to my sentimentality in a way traditional cards cannot; in my opinion a handmade card demonstrates to the receiver a great deal of thoughtfulness and so i opt to make cards as often as possible.  here are a sampling of cards i've made for various occasions, enjoy!
feel better card

new arrival

lucy's 2nd birthday invite

first birthday

be strong card

lucy's 3rd birthday invite

thank you card

baby to-be