Friday, August 23, 2013

newest obsession in sewing: purses and bags of any kind {camera or other}

quilting, well yes, i love quilting; making square things is what i do.  that is until my MIL visited for my darling's big 0-4 birthday this summer.  and that is when it happened, bag infatuation.  or, more accurately, handmade bag obsession; in all actuality my collection of bags numbers somewhere in the realm of 5 million-billion.

without further ado, my stitched up camera bags.

quilted version to be used as a purse

this one is actually a school bag; large enough for books and laptop

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

how could i just do one?!

my good friend, carrie (my GREAT friend, actually) recently increased her family to 4 via the birth of her son, avery;  her first, daughter harlee, came along almost five years ago; three years before i ever stitched a stitch (okay, not really, but 3 years before i ever attempted a quilt).  imagine the conundrum i find myself in: how can i make a quilt for her newest arrival without ever making one for her sweetest girl?  so i didn't.  i made them each a comfy quilt that i hope they love.  take a look.

back of the quilt showing quilting detail

daisy quilting

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

relay for life quilt.

i made this quilt with my neighbor as a fundraising option for our relay for life team!  love the colors!

if you would like your chance to win, follow this link and donate $5 for one chance or $20 for FIVE chances!